Gosheven debuted his first ever quadrophonic performance "Spatial Microtonal Guitar" at Next Festival in Bratislava on 29 November 2018 as part of his Videgrad Fund Residency.

"Spatial Microtonal Guitar" is a completely unprecedented project. It is a 45-minute long performance performed on 4 separate speakers. The artist sits in the centre and the audience around him in circles.

His custom built guitar has a special feature of placing the strings in different speakers spatially (its strings are coming from different directions), not to mention that it’s also capable of presenting microtonality with the help of Max MSP effects and a hexaphonic pickup installed on it.

The project features different types of just intonations and also some traditional tunings of other cultures like Japan, Congo, Tibet, Indonesia or Thailand, presenting selected tunes from Gosheven’s widely acclaimed album Leaper and Bivaq (the former was on The Wire magazine's best albums of 2017 list), and also some new compositions.

It's also possible to present this performance on 6 speakers so that each guitar string comes from one speaker.


Dance score for iCoDaCo: "it will come later" contemporary dance performance:



19 October Decolonize Your Mind Society @ CAFe Budapest Akvarium, HU
2 October /quadraphonic show/ @ UH Fest, Budapest, HU
23 September Decolonize Your Mind Society @ Pontoon Monday Session, Budapest, HU
19 September @ Sofar Sounds Debrecen, HU
10-11 August Deeper dance performance @ Sziget Festival, Budapest, HU
7 August - Decolonize Your Mind Society @ Samsara Festival, Siofok, HU
5 August - Decolonize Your Mind Society @ Pontoon Monday Session, Budapest, HU
21 June quadro show @ Kolorado Festival, HU
19-22 June @ Kolorado Festival, Nagykovacsi, HU
4 May @ Silent Night, Prague, CZ
11 January @ Trafo Klub, Budapest, HU

19 December /Decolonize Your Mind Society/ @ Lumen, Budapest, HU
29 November /quadrophonic show/ @ Next Festival, Bratislava, SK
18 November @ Schiev Festival, Brussels, BE
19 October @ Zemlika Festival, Durbe, LV
12 October @ Akvarium, Budapest, HU
9 October @ Biennale Nemo, Paris, FR
4 October @ Musikprotokoll, Graz, AT
25 September @ Avant Art Festival, Wroclav, PL
1 September @ Ubikeklektik, Zsambek, HU
21 July @ Nextones, Montecrestese, IT
7 July @ Pohoda Festival, Trencin, SK
6 May @ Donaufestival, Krems, AT

more TBA ...